Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination

Person-Centered Planning: Building quality life options

Person-Centered Planning means that your services will be based on your needs and desires. It is an ongoing process that involves you, Riverwood staff and others you choose to help make decisions about your services.

It is a process of how you decide what services you need and want. You meet at least once a year to develop your Personal Plan. This plan reflects your wants and needs. It also serves as a communication tool and training guide for caregivers. During your Person-Centered Planning meeting, we will discuss many details such as where you want to live and with whom, what your dreams and goals are and how to get involved in the community. Once the meeting is finished, everyone involved should have a clear understanding of what you would like to do with your future.

You can decide who will attend each Person-Centered Planning meeting and what information will be openly discussed. This assures that sensitive or confidential issues are not discussed if you don't want to. Those who attend should be people who know and care about you and are committed to helping you meet your goals, learning together and finding new ways to make your vision a reality.

Before you schedule your meeting, you can choose to have an independent facilitator conduct the meeting. An independent facilitator is hired by you to help guide your Person-Centered Planning meeting. They will make sure your concerns, goals and dreams are discussed and will put a plan in place for your success. If you do not to choose an independent facilitator, you can lead the meeting yourself or choose someone to help by writing down all important points and making sure everyone understands your goals and dreams.

Everyone who will support you is trained on the details of your plan because they will be responsible for putting it into action. You will also be responsible for making your plan work for you.

You and your supporters will decide how often to meet to review your plan progress. We will document your review and share it with you. You can change your plan or request a meeting with your supporters any time. If you, or your chosen representative, disagree with something in your final Personal Plan, you have the right to appeal.

Self-Determination: It's about choice and control

Under Self-Determination, you can hire your own workers and manage your services within a set budget.

  • You have choice and control over your services.
  • Your Case Manager/Supports Coordinator supports you to manage the services you choose.
  • You are the employer of record with a Fiscal Intermediary (someone who pays your worker(s) for services).
  • You directly hire, fire and supervise your workers.
  • You set your workers' schedule.
  • You decide what to pay your workers (within Riverwood Center's rate).

How does Self-Determination work?

  • You make choices about your goals when creating your Person-Centered Plan.
  • You determine who you want to help you reach your goals.
  • Your family and friends can help you with decisions to make sure that your health and safety needs are met.
  • After you have a plan, we will develop a budget based on those services.
  • You manage your individual budget (with help from your Case Manager/Supports Coordinator and Fiscal Intermediary).

How do you begin Self-Determination?

It starts with your Person-Centered Plan. At your next Person-Centered Plan meeting, tell your Case Manager or Supports Coordinator that you are interested in Self-Determination. Or contact our Self-Determination Coordinator at (269) 934-1655.

Important to know:

Medicaid rules still apply under Self-Determination. That means:

  • Services must be medically necessary:
    • The kind, amount and length of service must be supported by your condition.
    • Your condition would worsen without the services.
    • All other natural and community supports must be used before Medicaid will pay for a service.
    • Services must be supported by documentation.
  • The services provided must match what is in your Person-Centered Plan.
  • The staff you choose to hire must meet the minimum Medicaid requirements:
    • At least 18 years old
    • Able to prevent transmission of any communicable disease from self to others
    • Able to communicate clearly with you and Riverwood Center staff
    • Able to report on activities performed
    • In good standing with the law according to the MDCH/PIHP contract
    • Complete required trainings, which may vary based on the type of services being provided