Information Team Contact Details

[IT and Support] User Needs: 
- Help desk ticketing follow-up
- Video and translation services
- Non-IRIS (non-EHR) software support
- New user setup: QR-coded inventory
- After-hours and emergency engineering
- Workstations, passwords, and internet support
- Consultations on new tools, websites, software

  • Primary:
  • Internal Assistance: Travis W.  |  eMail: tr2
  • Oragnizational Oversight: Alissa S.  |  eMail: als

[Organizational] Technical, Digital, Security: 
- Digital: Monitoring and development
- Surveying and Qualitative coordination
- Sharepoint: Knowledge Network oversight
- HITECH Act and Security Risk Assessments
- Tech Plan: IT Infrastructure and compatibility
- Annual Plans, Annual Reports, strategic models
- MACRA: Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act
- CQI and ITPMT: Continuous Quality and Project Management Teams

  • Primary and User Experience (UX): Alissa S.  |  eMail: als
  • Sharepoint Administration: Aaron H.  |  eMail: ajh
  • Secondary Coordination: Candy T.  |  eMail: clt

[Reports and Data] Business Intelligence: 
- Mandatory reporting
- SQL: Data queries from IRIS
- IRIS: New-hire tech / EHR Training
- RAVE: Security System information oversight
- MU: Meaningful Use submissions and monitoring
- RAC: Report Applications Committee (for reporting support)
- MMBPIS: Michigan Merit Based Performance Indicator System 

  • Primary:
  • Analytics: Pete M.  |  eMail: peter.murphy
  • Submission Coordination: Candy T.  |  eMail: clt

    [Public Relations] Events and Marketing: 
    - Events coordination, excluding Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
    - Digital analytics, CSS/HTML/web design and management
    - Design: Adobe CS6, digital materials development
    - Search Engine Optimization, YPConnect, Google
    - Social media monitoring: IG, LI, FB, Twitter
    - External communications support

    • Non-Digital, Events, and Paper-Based Materials: Candy T.  |  clt
    • Digital, Sites, and Analytics: Alissa S.  |  eMail: als